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American Kennel Club
A great selection of breeds, photos, articles, and more for dog lovers. Includes a special section just for kids, with information about responsible dog ownership and fun activity and coloring pages.

Animal Names
You may know that a doe is a female deer, but did you know that a female swan is called a pen? You'll find many more names for animals, their babies and the groups they live in at this site, plus information printouts on each.

Animal Planet
No matter what your favorite animal is, there's a good chance you'll find it at Animal Planet. Explore animals by subject, learn more about your dog or cat with the pet guides available, play fun games, and much more.

Animals of the World
At this site you can learn about mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, and fish, and then play games to test your knowledge.

If you love animals, you'll find a lot to like about this site! Read animal stories, watch a cartoon, or get tips on how to take care of your pet with one of the many pet care guides available. You'll also find games, news, and articles about careers in the animal field.

Bow Wow Meow
Just get a new puppy or kitten and can't quite figure out what to name it? Get ideas from this site by searching for pet names by category or alphabetically. Also includes top 20 names, a photo gallery, and even a dog age calculator!

Dog Training Basics
Professional dog trainer Pam Young shows you her secrets for encouraging good dog behavior, properly training your pet, and how to keep your dog safe and happy. Includes words of wisdom, and other helpful tips.

Exploratorium: Frogs
Did you know that the ancestors of modern frogs roamed the earth for 190 million years? Learn more about frogs, the myths surrounding them, the research done by scientists, and more, at this information-rich site.

Extreme Science: Animal Kingdom
What is the largest animal that has ever lived on earth? Which creature is the fastest? Take a look at this site for the answers to these and other record-breakers of the animal world.

Fish FAQ
Do fish sleep? Are sharks always hungry? You can find the answers to these and hundreds of other interesting questions at this site.

Like frogs? Then you're in luck, because we've got a great site for you! You'll learn all kinds of fun frog facts, find tips on how to care for a pet frog, play games, read a frog fable, view frog art, color, and more. Leap on over!

Grizzly People
Timothy Treadwell has lived among the Alaskan grizzly each year during the spring to autumn months since the late 1980s. Learn about the animals he studies and see his photos and videos. Includes a special kids section, bear safety tips, and more.

Horse Breeds
Here's a great resource for horse lovers! From Abyssinian to Zhemaichu, there are over 200 breeds of horses you can learn about at this site. Most are accompanied by multiple photographs and detailed descriptions.

How to Love Your Dog
Three collies show you how to care for a dog, what they cost and need, basic training, how to teach them tricks, and lots more. Great for dog lovers.

Infrared Zoo
The Infrared Zoo shows what animals look like in a whole different light. See what birds, reptiles, and mammals look like in the infrared, and learn how animals use fur, blubber, and feathers to insulate themselves.

OWLkids Online
Puzzles, facts, animals, science activities, jokes, fun and more with age specific areas for kids and parents.

PBS: Nature
Each week, PBS presents an excellent web piece based on the TV series Nature. Subjects cover all aspects of nature, animals, and even pets. Included are teacher's guides, videos, games, previous features, and more.

Planet Pets
Visit Planet Pets to find thousands of pet photos and breed descriptions, along with tips on grooming, care, and the costs associated with owning a specific pet.

Print 'n' Go Coloring Book
This National Geographic coloring book site has dozens of great animal pictures for you to color, featuring everything from owls to octopuses, and cheetahs to chimps!

The Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopedia: Animals
Includes thousands of cartoons covering almost anything you'd like to know! Originally drawn over a period of 14 years for the Observer newspaper, you'll find information on animals, art, entertainment, music, science, sports and over 20 other subjects.

Switch Zoo
Visit this Zoo-illogical park and create silly creatures by switching the head, legs, and tails with those of other animals. Over 6500 wacky combinations are possible.

Tama and Friends visit
Looking for a pet? helps families find and adopt one at their local animal shelter. Includes tips and articles on how to select a pet, an easy-to-use search tool, and of course, fun game and coloring activities with Tama and Friends.

Woof! It's a Dog's Life
Here's a nice site for dog lovers with tips on how to train your pet, stories, a quiz, and more. Based on the PBS television series. - Animal Sites for Kids (1) - Animal Sites for Kids (2) - Animal Sites for Kids (3) - Animal Sites for Kids (4) - Animal Sites for Kids (5) - Animal Sites for Kids (6) - Animal Sites for Kids (7)


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