***Universal Dwell Tuning Guide*** (For all GEO markers) (2024)


There has been a longstanding debate surrounding the optimum dwell setting for every individual marker. Marker owners will scour forum threads in order to find the generally recommended dwell settings. It mostly comes down to taking the word of other marker owners and using the general consensus for settings. Some people adjust their markers based on “feel” or guesswork. Whether you’re a scenario / big game player or speedball player, every player should want to improve the efficiency of their marker to maximize shot count and decrease air consumption.

As the majority of us are in a variety of professional careers, I decided to apply my profession towards solving this grey area mathematically.
Instead of guessing or relying on other recommendations, it may be better to actually tune your marker based on a program in order to find its own optimal dwell setting. I decided to create a user-friendly dwell tuning guide which anyone can use for their marker. This tuning guide will calculate the lowest dwell setting to maximize efficiency without affecting performance or the FPS velocity.

Some of you may recognize this discussion from my original post under a Planet Eclipse Ego thread. I have now updated my original tuning guide in order to accept all markers. Depending on if you have the time and a laptop, this Excel file will help you set your dwell correctly based on more exact calculations (averages). Basically it does all of the calculations to help you “sweet-spot” your dwell. All you have to do it sit in front of a chrono with a laptop and type the readings in. Time consuming? Yes, but its pretty dead on and should take no more than 10 minutes and 250 rounds of paint.

-Download the instructions (first tab), the tuning guide (second tab) and a completed example (third tab) in one file directly from the link below.
-Click the link and choose SAVE.
-Follow all of the instructions in the first tab.
-Post your results on this thread (what you had your dwell at originally and if this tuning guide resulted in a lower dwell).

-Dwell Sweet Spot Tuning Guide-

I’ve tested this program on several markers at my local field and it worked like a charm. For our personal 2009 Planet Eclipse Egos, I started this tuning guide at the stock dwell of 10.5 and landed at a dwell of 8.5. My teammate started at the stock dwell of 10.5 and landed at a dwell of 8.0. Here’s an example of how even the same exact markers can have different custom dwell settings. I firmly believe that the “one setting for all” mentality does not work for a particular marker type, especially if there are upgrades installed. Using any standard dwell setting recommendation for each marker type will not work perfectly as tolerances and performance of components within each marker are different. The dwell setting on each marker needs to be set up individually by a process called "sweet-spotting".

-Posting a thread with the subject "UNIVERSAL DWELL TUNING GUIDE" is a bold statement, I'm not claiming this for definite, my goal is to create it after input from the users. Try it out and lets see if works in your favor.
-I’m not claiming that this dwell tuning guide is perfect by any means nor do I promise the best results possible. I’ve worked hard to incorporate every possible step in order to help you get the most accurate results. If you follow the instructions and take note of the recommendations then this tuning guide should help determine the proper dwell setting.
-If this tuning guide recommends a particular dwell setting and you feel it is not the “best setting for you”, then follow the instructions which discuss setting your dwell to a level you are comfortable with.
-This dwell tuning guide was created out of the necessity to assign a mathematical equation to determining a more efficient dwell for every marker. This tuning guide could always be improved and updated based on recommendations from users.

-This thread is not designed to discuss what the best dwell is or argue / debate over who has better settings. There will not be a final dwell value recommended per marker type, it is custom for every specific individually owned marker.
-Posting what your dwell setting was originally vs. what it may have changed to is welcomed.
-Feedback on the instructions, process and results are welcomed.
-Recommendations or suggestions to improve the tuning guide are welcomed.
-If the link goes down or you are not able to download the file, PM me with your email address.

***Universal Dwell Tuning Guide*** (For all GEO markers) (2024)
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