Welcome to RHB Banking Group (2024)

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Overview Procurement Integrity


Group Procurement is an independent Strategic Functional Group that was setup to facilitate Procurement activities with the following objectives:-

  • Maximize cost savings and ensure savings sustainability via volume leverage and strategic Procurements
  • Improve Procurement organization capability and productivity / quality via standardization & streamlining of the Group’s Procurement processes, policies and procedures, increase product knowledge and supplier management from a pool of sourcing experts
  • Better service levels i.e. reduced cycle time and better meeting of requirements where Strategic Business and Strategic Functional Groups need only to focus on their core activities
  • To ensure clear demarcation of responsibilities so as to further enhance transparency & governance

Interested to be our supplier? Read the Supplier Registration Procedure in the section below.

Procurement Integrity

Commitments of the parties

The parties commit to take all measures necessary to prevent corruption in their dealings with the parties

Reporting violations

If any Party obtains knowledge of conduct of the other Party, or of an employee, agent, representative or an associates of that Party which constitutes corruption, or if any Party has substantive suspicion in this regard, that Party will inform the same to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission

Supplier Selection Process

RHB Group Procurement's Supplier Selection Process:

  • All suppliers are welcome to register their interest to be RHB's supplier via on-line registration at Group Procurement
  • RHB Group Procurement will review the registration periodically and assess the registration against pre-set criteria as approved by the Board.
  • Qualified suppliers will be notified before being officially registered as a RHB supplier. For those who do not qualify, they will also be notified accordingly.
  • Registered Suppliers will be invited to participate in tender submissions from time-to-time according to their respective categories of business activities.
  • All tenders are submitted on-line via the E-Procurement system to ensure transparency, efficiency and professional management of the tenders.
  • To ensure the highest quality of suppliers, goods and services delivered to the RHB Banking Group at all times, the Group's Procurement team and other key stakeholders will closely assess the supplier’s performance. Suppliers who do not conform to the set criteria and competencies will be de-registered accordingly.
  • All processes implemented by RHB Group Procurement are in compliance with Group Procurement Guidelines and other relevant policies and guidelines within the RHB Banking Group.
Tender Notice

All the tender exercise will be conducted online. Only successful online registered suppliers will be invited to undergo the selection process.

Upon registration, your business information will be made available to RHB Banking Group to understand the nature and scope of the goods/services you can offer and to evaluate the suitability of your company based on your company capabilities.

RHB Banking Group disclaims any liability for incomplete and/or late registration.

If you are interested in participating in the said tender, please perfom the online self registration process as stated in the Supplier Registration Steps via the RHB e-Procurement portal https://rhbgroup.com/group-procurementbefore the deadline as stated below. Applicants are advised to read and prepare all the information required as stated in the Online Supplier Registration Checklist prior to the online registration.

Please be reminded that re-registration is not required should you have completed the Supplier Registration Steps in RHB e-Procurement portal previously. However, please ensure that your company profile in the system is up-to-date and email your interest to participate in the said tender to rhbprocurement@rhbgroup.com (kindly indicate the relevant tender titled in your email).

Tender Notice For May 2024

  • Appointment of Contractors for RHB Bank Branch for year 2024-2026
  • Appointment of Service Provider for CIT services for Kastam. Contract period Oct 2024 – Sept 2027 ( 3 years).
  • Appointment of Call Centre and Roadside Assistance Service Provider for RHB Insurance from 2025 to 2027

Tender Notice For Apr 2024

  • Appointment of Service Provider for Physical Guarding (PG) service at branches for RHB Banking Group for the year of 2024 to 2027 (3 years)

Tender Notice For Mar 2024

Tender Notice For Feb 2024

  • Appointment of Digital Mailroom Service for RHB Banking Group for the year of 2024 to 2027 (3 years)

Tender Notice For Jan 2024

  • Appointment of International Courier Service for RHB Banking Group for the year of 2024 to 2027 (3 years)

Tender Notice For Dec 2023

  • Appointment of Service Provider for Telemarketing service for RHB Banking Group for the year of 2024 to 2027 (3 years)

Tender Notice For Sept 2023

  • - Closing date 12th Oct 2023

Tender Notice For July 2023

  • Tender Notice for Appointment of To Supply Marketing Campaign Creatives- Closing date 15th August 2023

Tender Notice For June 2023

  • Tender Notice for Appointment of Appointment of Main Contractor for year 2023 to 2024 (2 years)- Closing date 16th June 2023

Tender Notice For May 2023

  • Tender Notice for Mail Room Outsourcing for RHB Banking Group for the year of 2023 to 2026 (3 years)- Closing date 19th May 2023

Tender Notice For April 2023

  • - Closing date 26th April 2023
  • Tender Notice for Courier Service for Outward Cheques Clearing - Closing date 20th April 2023
Supplier Code of Conduct

RHB is committed to embedding good practices by advocating responsible and sustainable procurement across the Group’s supply chain, for the betterment of our planet and future generations.Sustainable procurement entails acquiring goods and services in a manner that benefits not only the organization but society as a whole and local economies.RHB's Supplier Code of Conduct articulates our commitment to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner, emphasizing the importance of respecting individual rights and minimizing environmental impact.We expect our suppliers to adhere to these principles. In line with our sustainability commitments, strategies, and objectives, we aim to work closely with our suppliers to attain elevated standards and implement best practices throughout our entire supply chain - “Together We Progress”.RHB Supplier Code of Conduct

Welcome to RHB Banking Group (2024)
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